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New Social Media Services Included in All Photo Packages

  • We understand that every marketing dollar counts so we are now offering two additional items with our photo packages that are excellent additions for social media marketing.  If you have scrolled through Facebook, you may notice every other post is a video.  Videos are a great way to grab a viewers attention, so we will be including virtual tours for every property with a link that can be used to share on platforms like Facebook or even sent through email or embedded in your website.  The video will be a slide show of photos of the home with your logo set to music.  Here is an example. 

Secondly, we will be including a unique way to show off the property on Instagram. Where typically you only post one photo, our photo collages will feature multiple photos in a single post.  These can be branded or unbranded.  Here is an example of an unbranded post.


Instagram Sample.jpg